TERM - Terra Money

White paper

Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Manual Burn
Burned Tokens
Fair Launch Supply

Be safe with TERX

Ensure safety for TERX holders
Fair lunch 100% Community driven. 
All team participated in the fair launch with everyone else.
LP locked on DxLocker for 3 years

3% fee per transaction redistributed to all existing holders

5% fee on sale to LP - Liquidity pool


And it's only the beginning of this wonderful project. Stay with us

Q1 2021

Protocol Initialized
We successfully begun integration process with WhiteBit and began legal paperwork with Bitmart. We are also working to integrate in other exchanges.
We will begin a community listing donation raise for several exchanges (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken).

Q2 2021

The Initial Push
1. Milestone - 50,000 Holders
2. The tokenomics integration will be completed along with the completion of the Terra Exchange App, Wallet, and Android/Ios App for selling land everywhere in the world.

Q3 2021

Holding the Line
We will finish our Land Everywhere app.

Q4 2021

Buy Land!
We will finish integrations with international markets and begin the next integrations with additional partners.
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